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Art Stop

Who is Art Stop?

Art stop is a group where people who took emigrated in the Netherlands, who are interested in art, meet both online and physically, share their experiences with each other, share information on modern and traditional arts, and organize artistic activities at the same time.

What is the purpose of the Art Stop?

Considering the founding purposes of the foundation, the universal language of art has a great importance that cannot be ignored. For this reason, art should be valued, people interested in art should be brought together and different opportunities should be offered to those who want to improve their skills in this field. As a result, it is aimed that art will contribute to the reduction or end of human rights violations.

What can you do?

By taking part in one of the platforms on our site, you can contribute to the reduction or end of human rights violations, and to publicize human rights violations. In addition, by taking part in these platforms, you can share or gain experience in related fields. In addition, as our sponsor, you can support us financially. You can visit our club page for our posts, and you can share your works with us by applying to the art stop platform on the volunteers page.

You can follow Instagram and website for events.

Art stop is a platform of the wsvvrijheid foundation.

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